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Welcome to KG Publishing Consultants

Your Helping Hand in Getting Published

For Any Would Be Author

We aim to help writers through the process of getting published, whether they self-publish or get accepted by a traditional publisher.
We have structured our advice to suit writers at any stage of their writing – just starting out or maybe  experienced in another field (e.g. someone who writes articles, but now wishes to write a book). Publishing has changed rapidly in recent times, so it is understandable that poor choices are made. We have often met authors who have come to grief through making uninformed choices. It can be quite heartbreaking to hear sad tales of the money wasted or the opportunities lost. We are here to guide you through the process and give your book every chance of success.

Any Genre

The guidance we offer will apply to any genre of writing, from gritty true crime, to flowery fantasy.  The challenges faced can be the same for all. This applies to all ages, both genders, all races and all cultures. We are free of judgment on these matters. Everyone has a chance.
We also believe in complete freedom of subject and no censorship will be tolerated.  Any such restriction destroys our creativity.  There is a huge variety of genres and a lot of work has been done by dedicated people to categorize writing.  BISAC categories (USA) or BIC categories (UK) can be found online. A limited list is free, but one has to pay for the complete list of thousands.

Exceptional Services

We offer a large range of services to help publishers or self-publishers. These range from editorial to design, typesetting and cover design.  There are various printing options and we offer advice about distribution and marketing.
The choices are set out so as to be both wide ranging and flexible. Take as few or as many as you may need. You may need help only on one small aspect or maybe you want help with everything.
You can find a lot of advice for free, but necessarily there have to be charges where expenses are incurred. Nevertheless we have kept our charges very reasonable because in these tough economic times we all need to save wherever we can, not so?

Top Notch Support

Between us, the team at KG Publishing Consultants has a wealth of experience to offer.  Believe us, we have seen it all, and are constantly working to keep ourselves up to date in the world of publishing.  Not only that, but we are both dedicated and passionate about what we do. We hope that some of our enthusiasm will rub off on you.
Crafting a book can be very rewarding, but that is not enough for most of us. We are proud of our work and want to have it exposed to the world.

More About Getting Published


Manuscript Initial Reading

First reading of MS, together with a report on structure, layout, creative approach and language.
from $175.00 (based on a manuscript of 70,000 words or 250 pages) or
from $0.70 per page

Simple Editing

Spelling and grammar corrections
from $350.00 (based on a manuscript of 70,000 words) or
from $1.40 per page

Complex Editing

Partial rewrite, sorting paragraphs, structure, spelling and grammar corrections.
from $520.00 (based on a manuscript of 70,000 words) or
from $2.08 per page

Simple Typesetting

Straightforward typesetting of manuscript. Limited tables, only minor footnotes, no mathematical or scientific formulas. Image retouching, or editing subject to quotation.
from $2.00 per page

Manuscript Assessment

Initial consultation with two comprehensive replies.
from $100.00

eBook Conversion

Conversion of manuscript to eBook
from $1.00 per page

Find out more

  • Anyone who has started to write a book, is nearly complete, or even those who consider their Master Work ready for exposure to the wider world. The ‘birthing’ process for a new book can be scary but ….(read more)
  • Anyone who has been disappointed by a publisher or whose self-publishing efforts have not met expectations. These things can happen to the best of writers, but knowing the “rocks in the river” helps you to avoid the worst….(read more)
  • Any writer who feels somewhat daunted by the challenges of an increasingly complex and difficult publishing environment and would appreciate some honest guidance. Some ‘hand holding’ by an experienced and friendly guide can go a long way…(read more)
  • Our associates have many years of experience in the world of publishing. We have crazy, amusing, disappointing and rewarding stories to tell (if you can spare the time)and we can certainly guide you through the minefield that is modern publishing. Please see our About Us page for more details
  • We offer a full box range of services from editorial to marketing advice.
  • Choose only what fills your need. We do not believe in three-sizes-fit-all ‘Packages’.
  • All the services are reasonably priced. We want to make your experience affordable. We ourselves do not have lofty financial ambitions, but are rather motivated by the rewards of getting you a happy publishing experience.
  • At the heart of it all we offer integrity and sound advice.

More about us

  • How should I shape my manuscript in order to give it the best chance of success?
  • How can I build an audience?
  • Will I make money from my book?
  • Will my book build my credibility?
  • How do I gain some attention for my book?
  • Is paying for professional editing worth it and is it even necessary?
  • Should I engage a publicist?
  • How important are endorsements and reviews?

Ingram Catalog Registration

Ingram is the world’s largest book distributor. This fee is for your book to be listed on the Ingram catalog. This is another method of alerting the buyers to your book. Useful if you are targeting both bricks and mortar and on line bookstores.

Upload Your Book

Uploading your book to various channels. We will need some confidential information from you such as bank account details so that you can be paid. If you are unwilling to reveal these details then you will have to partially complete the profile yourself, but we will guide you through this.
Amazon physical books $25.00
Amazon Kindle books $25.00
Print on demand to bookstores $70.00

ISBN Registration and Legal

In the USA there are certain costs and legal requirements to obtaining and registering an ISBN. This is part of the process of registering your copyright on the content.
$55.00 per title

Tips and Tricks

You will find throughout this site many tips and tricks to help you on your way.  We will continue to add new resources as and when we seek them out.

The tips will include resources such as sites where you can categorize your book according to the book industry standards. Weirdly they differ for the UK and the USA, so it depends on your primary readership market. The category/ies  should also be listed on the outside back cover so that bookstore buyers will know where to place it.
There are also tips on getting exposure plus numerous resources to help you market your book once it is in print.  More than ever it is important to post copy and articles about your topic, even some sample writing on various article hubs. In fact this can be done before your book ever gets published so that you can prime the pump and gain some interest ahead of the exciting day when your book is finally in print.

Foreign Rights Sales

As a reader I am sure you have seen that some popular books will tell you, usually somewhere near the beginning of the book something to the effect “translated into 20 languages”. How does this happen and what would you need us to do to get your book published in another language?

As a rule publishers will sell translation rights to a book and will not do that themselves.  The exception will be multi-lingual countries like Canada, the USA, Belgium and South Africa. The foreign publisher will know their market and have their own resources in place to sell it into their country. It would be best to ask us to handle this aspect for you because the process can be quite tricky and the foreign publisher will be more inclined to trust us with our more than twenty years of experience and many foreign connections.

Lifetime Support

Anyone who pays for a service will get lifetime support on that topic from us or any of our associates.

We want you to be happy with our service. Sometimes the response we give to a question may bring up more questions. You might suddenly think of something that you should have asked, and that’s alright with us. That’s the way of things.

Find out more


Adaptable and Flexible

We have set out our services with a wide range of options so that you can mix and match, choosing only the aspects that you want or need and omitting those that you find not necessary. We are always approachable for free advice as to what would be the best path for you to take given your circumstances. Feel free to ask us. You will find us approachable and sympathetic; after all we have been dealing with these kinds of things for years. Sometimes a simple answer is all that is needed.

Make a Complete Package

In our experience readers today are very choosy as to how they spend their hard earned money, so everything about the book has to be perfect. By everything I mean all aspects from the content being big enough to make a book, to the design, blurb and price; and of course it will have to have strong appeal to the needs of the reader. Hard sell doesn’t work. You need to find and fill a need in readers and to do so at a final price that they can afford.

Become the Expert

In non-fiction you really have to become a recognized authority in your field no matter how tightly niched you are. In other words find your passion and become a specialist in this field. Work consistently to maintain this. Write blogs, join online groups, take part in specific chat groups and many other activities out there, all aimed at exposure.
Fiction writers also have to establish a readership, so in addition to developing your own ‘voice’ and writing style it is important to choose your genre (usually stated at the top of the outside back cover such as fantasy, science fiction, biography etc. In the end if you become known for your genre (e.g. historical fiction) that will be your expertise.

Lifetime Support

Anyone who pays for a service will get lifetime support on that topic from us or any of our associates. We want you to be happy with our service. Sometimes the response we give to a question may bring up more questions. You might suddenly think of something that you should have asked, and that’s alright with us. That’s the way of things.

Heard enough? – Let’s start working.
We are keen to be of service to you,
starting Now!

Advice For Any Would Be Author

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