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Manuscript Assessment

Initial consultation will include two comprehensive replies. This will include an assessment of the quality of the writing, marketability, and advice as to the best way to get the MS into print and be successful.
This will also include reports on:

Structure and layout: Comments will be provided on the structuring of chapters, sections and sub-sections, with special attention being paid to guidance on improving the general professional appearance of the manuscript prior to publication. Problems with spacing will also be pointed out in this section.
Cohesion/coherence: The report will contain information as to the degree that the manuscript (MS) ‘flows’ logically and how the sections relate to each other. In other words, if the MS forms a coherent whole.
Creative approach: This section will include comments on the author’s writing style and the legibility of the presentation (is it easy to read?) (In the case of fiction manuscripts, comments will also be provided on the use of imagery, metaphor and characterization).
The use of language and grammar: We will point out unfavorable trends in the use of language (concepts and grammar), as well as punctuation.
Logic and progression: We will comment on the flow of the manuscript (MS) as well as any logical errors that present themselves. In other words, he will highlight sections of the MS that do not make sense or may be confusing to readers.
Other comments or guidance: Finally, we will comment on other aspects not previously addressed, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve the MS and prepare it for publication.

Cost of all of the above will be from USD 175.00
(based on a manuscript of 70,000 words or 250 pages) or
from $0.70 per page

Proof Reading

Based on a MS of approximately 70 000 words or 250 pages. The editor will prepare a comprehensive proofreading report and in addition, examine the MS in fine detail and clearly indicate recommended corrections in spelling, grammar and punctuation. These requirements will be annotated with yellow notes attached to an Acrobat file of the MS.

from USD 175.00 [or $0.70 / page]

Simple Editing

Spelling and grammar corrections 70 000 words

from USD 350.00 [or $1.40 / page]

Complex Editing

Includes partial rewrite, sorting paragraphs, structure, spelling and grammar corrections for 70 000 words

from USD 520.00 [or $2.08 / page]

Book Design

Fonts, layout, margins, general style issues

from USD 100.00

Picture Editing

Scanning, sizing and formatting of pictures

from USD 2.00 each


Straightforward typesetting from MS to final PDF files. Limited tables, only minor footnotes, no mathematical or scientific formulas. Image retouching, or editing subject to quotation. Includes three proofs. The first proof may include minor content additions or deletions, the second proof is to check if the corrections have been done, and the third proof is the final sign off.

from USD 415.00 [or $2.00 / page]

eBook Conversion

Conversion of manuscript to .epub and .mobi file formats.

from USD 1.00 / page

USA ISBN Registration and Legal

In the USA there are certain costs and legal requirements to obtaining and registering an ISBN. This is part of the process of registering your copyright on the content.

once off fee USD 55.00 / title

Upload Your Book

Uploading your book to various channels. We will need some confidential information from you such as bank account details so that you can be paid. If you are unwilling to reveal these details then you will have to partially complete the profile yourself, but we will guide you through this.

Amazon physical books USD 25.00 / title
Amazon Kindle books USD 25.00 / title
Print on demand to bookstores USD 70.00 / title

Ingram Catalog Registration

Ingram is the world’s largest book distributor. The fee is for your book to be listed on the Ingram catalog, which goes out to all major retailers. This is another method of alerting the buyers to your book. Useful if you are targeting both bricks and mortar and online bookstores.

USD 65.00 / title

Cover Design

Based on a briefing by you, our experienced designer will present three different designs. You may suggest  changes to your favorite design as well. You will get a complete cover (front, back and spine) for the print edition as well as an ebook cover.

from USD 500.00 / title

Facebook Banner

Generally based on your final cover design, our experienced designer can create a matching facebook banner for your book page.

from USD 70.00 / banner

Poster and Business Card Design

Generally based on your final cover design, our experienced designer can create matching posters and business cards for you.

from USD 100.00

Press Release

Market your book in the media.

from USD 100.00

Contract Review

Professional advice before you sign your precious manuscript over to a publisher or literary agent. We will tell you if we regard it as fair or not.

from USD 150.00

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